The Technical working group is there to provide a discussion forum for issues broadly described as ‘technical’.

A recent example of this is the development of the new standards governing the installation of PV systems – known variously as the DTi 3rd Edition PV Installation Standard or the MCS Installation Standards V3.0. The 2nd edition of the PV installation standard was issued a decade ago, and this new, updated version  has been under development for many months. Where new draft versions have been released, the Technical group has met to discuss what effects they might have on the installers of such systems, and how the sector should best adopt and adapt-to the new standards. The Technical group has also provided positive critical feedback to the writers of the new standards.

The Technical Group also advocates the adoption of best-practices in the installation of solar technologies, and seeks to provide a forum where any difficulties encountered can be openly discussed in order that suitable solutions can be found.